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Know Someone Who Needs my help?

Refer someone and when they become a client you will receive a $15 Starbucks or Target gift card!​

You don’t need to be a past client to be part of the referral program, you just need to contact me directly about your referral or have them tell me your information!

Your Denver Child Sleep Consultant is here to support you on the path to quality sleep!

Additional Week of Support
After our three weeks together, you can add an extra week of email support. I will respond to your emails within one business day (but usually much sooner!)
  • Extra Week Unlimited Emails: $79
  • Extra Week Text Support: $149
Previous Client Support
As babies grow up their sleep needs and schedule can change or other events can throw off their sleep. Let’s get on the phone to get everyone back on track!
  • 30 Minute Refresher Call: $75
  • 30 Minute Refresher Call + 2 weeks email support: $179
  • Nap or Crib Transition Support: $149
Travel Sleep Support
Getting ready for a trip with your little one? Worried that they won’t sleep and will be cranky the whole time? Not to worry! I will write a customized travel plan for you based on your specific trip details. We’ll go over all the details in a 30-minute consultation and then you can email me during and after the trip for advice, questions, and support!
  • Travel Sleep Plan and Consult with Email Support*: $149
  • *Child must be an independent sleeper or previous client in order to be eligible for this package. Eligibility determined through preliminary evaluation.