Group Coaching – Reclaim your sleep on a budget with added moral support!

With group coaching you will take your family from surviving to thriving!

Help your babies start sleeping long, blissful stretches at night and taking predictable naps during the day alongside other parents who want the exact same thing you do!

Below are some more specific details on this session of group coaching and frequently asked questions

The Who, What, When and Why's

group baby sleep coaching

Undecided if group coaching or one-on-one coaching is better for your family? Unsure about how this will work for your family? Other questions? Schedule a free sleep evaluation call here to learn if group coaching is for you!

Group Coaching FAQ's

We will have a set time each week for our group video calls. Specific call times are TBD and will be determined by October 21st. I will make every effort to have the calls at times all members can typically join. However, all calls will be recorded and available to view later. Questions can be submitted in advance to ensure you get the answers you need!

The calls will be through Zoom video conference. Each week I will send out a link to join the call. Calls will be recorded and the recording will be available in the Facebook group.

Post your question in the facebook group and I will be answering questions at least twice  a day! Plus you will have the support of other mommas in the group and their experiences to help and lift each other up too!

While it can be extra helpful to get started at the same time as everyone else, if you have to push back a few days, it will be totally fine! You will still get the group support and unique experience of learning from each other through the process. All the calls, webinars and questions answered in the Facebook group will stay open and available to you for at least 3 months after the end of our four week support period. You and the other mommas in the group can continue to support each other in the group past the four weeks as well!

I can’t guarantee success because I cannot control every aspect of you implementing the plan. However, by following the plan and utilizing the group support, weekly calls and Facebook group to ask questions and discuss challenges; I promise I will provide you with everything you need to achieve your sleep goals successfully.

No, this is not a cry-it-out program. I will NOT ask you to put your baby to bed and leave them until morning to cry-it-out and figure it out all on their own. However, making changes to your baby’s sleep habits is a big change for them. No one really loves change, especially at the beginning and babies are no different. Your baby will have their opinions and feelings about the change. Babies express these emotions and protest the change through crying and fussing. So yes, there will likely be some crying.

We will walk through very specific steps to take to minimize crying and protesting and how you can best support your baby through this learning process to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

We can absolutely add both of you! It would be helpful so everyone in the home is on the same page with our plan and sleep goals.

The main differences are the type of support, the level of individual support, the level of personalization of the plan to begin with and the investment for better sleep.

With group coaching, support will be through the Facebook group and weekly group video calls as opposed to the walkie-talkie app and personal phone calls with one-on-one coaching. 

There will be an individual evaluation of your specific situation and concerns with your child’s sleep. These will be addressed and answered during group calls as opposed to one-on-one communication.

I will provide an age-appropriate plan to help your child learn the skills to sleep well. I will discuss the different options and ways to personalize the plan to best meet your family’s needs and goals. However, unlike one-on-one coaching, we will not be working together in-depth to write a customized plan for you and your child. 

The investment to get your family sleeping well by helping your child learn the skills to sleep well for group coaching is at a lower price point than one-on-one consultation packages. One-on-one packages start at $425-$545+ compared to $329 for group coaching.

Undecided if group coaching or one-on-one coaching is better for your family? Unsure about how this will work for your family? Other questions? Schedule a free sleep evaluation call here to learn if group coaching is for you!

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