Wondering if you will ever sleep again?

I totally get it. I’ve been there!

But I’m here to tell you there IS an answer
and I am going to help you find it!

Meet Bonnie

Your Denver, Colorado, Certified Child Sleep Consultant!

​​I passionately believe that sleep is the key to a healthy, happy life. I am dedicated to making quality sleep a reality for families in Denver, Colorado, and around the world.

Make Quality Sleep a Reality in your Home


Perfect for expecting parents who want to start out with helping their new babies establish healthy sleep habits from day one!


It is never too early to start helping your little one learn healthy sleep habits and to set the groundwork for sleeping through the night and taking great naps!


After months of sleepless nights, get baby (and you!) sleeping better by helping your little one learn the skills necessary to be an independent sleeper!

Toddler & Children

It is not too late to help your little one learn the skills necessary to be an independent sleeper!

Bonnie helped us transition our 6 month old from having to be nursed to sleep and waking up every hour to two hours to being put in his crib awake, learning how to fall asleep on his own, and sleeping better through the night. She was supportive and knowledgeable. Getting him on a good nap schedule and having evenings and nights to relax was really a game changer. Thank you!
Brandy, Mom of 6 Month Old
Bonnie has quite literally saved my life. Between being a new mom, nanny, and student, my first year as a parent was chaotic. Bonnie and I started working together just before my daughters first birthday, and the sleep plan she designed changed my daughters habits almost instantly with gentle, natural skills. I’m so grateful! Now, we both are feeling well rested and ready to take on toddlerhood. Thank you, Bonnie!
Rebecca, Mom of 12 Month Old