Feel like you are losing your sanity due to lack of sleep? You are in the right place!

Meet Bonnie - Your Denver Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

I work with exhausted parents of babies, toddlers and young children who aren’t sleeping well.

You feel like you are losing your mind, barely surviving, dreaming about sleep and just want to feel like yourself again!

The biggest problem is that every child and family is different so doing what family members, friends or facebook groups recommend isn’t helping you and your little one get the sleep you both need.

Together we can get your family sleeping better so you feel sane again and take your family from surviving to thriving when your little ones have predictable routines and long stretches of blissful sleep at night.

Although you may not feel like it now, sleep is possible! You don’t have to go through motherhood sleep deprived, beyond exhausted, and wondering if you’re ever going to feel human again.

It’s time to be the parent you want to be feeling empowered to support healthy sleep habits for your children so you can soak in the love and happiness that they fill your life with.

I’ve been in your shoes

When my daughter was born, I fell prey to the troubling parenting myth that becoming a mom would mean sacrificing my reliance on, and love, of a good night’s sleep. Then, my baby was struggling with sleep, waking every few hours for cuddles and comfort and not napping for more than 30 minutes during the day.
I was struggling, and many areas of my life and my family’s life were suffering because of it. Quickly, I realized a good night’s sleep was more essential than ever so that I can be a patient, compassionate and strong mom for my daughter.
I knew there had to be a way, but I was so overwhelmed with all the articles and information about the many different methods and schools of thought about helping your baby sleep. Like many parents, I was terrified of making the wrong decision, but I knew something had to change.
Then I found the Sleep Sense™ program and it changed my life.  Finally, I had the tools to gently help our little one not only learn to sleep well but to love sleep! After the third night in a row that she slept through the night, I was ecstatic! I wanted to scream it from the rooftops.

Helping sleepy parents like you is my passion

I knew I was meant to help sleep-deprived parents, like you, achieve the excitement, joy, and relief of helping your children learn to sleep well so that you can sleep well too. So, I embarked on a journey to train with the best of the best in this field Dana Obleman, creator of the Sleep Sense™ program, which has helped over 100,000 families (and counting!) around the world. Now I help Colorado families and families around the world, make quality sleep a reality at their house every single day.  

You can be one of the parents screaming from the rooftop with joy because your baby is finally sleeping well!

Schedule your free evaluation call today so I can learn more about your family’s specific struggles and how we can make sleeping well a reality for you and your little ones!