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About Working with Bonnie to Help Their Little Ones Learn to Sleep Well With Personalized, Gentle Sleep Solutions

Bonnie was so amazing. Working with her was truly life changing. I was very skeptical because my 8 month old son is stubborn and strong willed. He had never slept longer than 6 hours in a row and that was when he was 3 months old. At 8 months he was waking up 3-4 times a night and up for the day by 5:30. He needed to be nursed to sleep every time he woke. I also work full time. And with my husband’s job taking him out of town, I’m basically a single mom half the time. So needless to say I was TIRED. Tired doesn’t even begin to describe it. But within a week we started seeing a change for the better. By the end of the training, he is taking better naps and sleeping 10-11 hours a night with ZERO wake ups. Bonnie was professional, supportive, kind, and just all around a total blessing. “Sleep training” gets a bad stigma where people picture you just letting your baby cry and cry all by themselves. But Bonnie really tailored a plan just for us that minimized that and led to a happy bedtime and night time. My husband and I get to have time together at the end of the day and still get 8 hours of sleep. I simply can’t recommend her enough. THANK YOU BONNIE!!!!
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Bridget, a mom who now gets her sleep and some couple time too!
I can't recommend Bonnie enough! As a second time mom struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety, Bonnie's support in getting my 3 month old to sleep better was the only thing that helped me begin to feel better. Having personalized support and the ability to have questions answered quickly was priceless for us. It was definitely hard at times but her encouragement and understanding ear made it very doable. I was amazed how quickly my little one's sleep improved and now at 5 months he is an amazing sleeper and I am so so grateful for Bonnie's part in that!
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Liza, a mom who was struggling with sleep deprivation and PPD
If your family needs more sleep stop reading this and contact Bonnie now! I thought I had really dug myself a hole with the sleep habits we had gotten into with our 6 month old. We would co-sleep half the night and she would wake up and nurse multiple times a night. I felt like I was spending half the day trying to get her to take a nap, using a swing, driving in the car, etc. She was using a pacifier every time she went to sleep. Needless to say my husband and I, and probably baby were exhausted! Creating new healthy sleepy habits with Bonnie has made everyone so much happier! Baby is now sleeping in her crib 11-12 hours a night and taking two great naps a day without a fight and without a pacifier. It's amazing what Bonnie helped us to accomplish in just a few short weeks and we can't thank her enough for her knowledge and support throughout the process. This is such a great investment I would recommend her to anyone in an instant 😊
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Shannon, a mom who isn't spending all day trying to get her little one to nap anymore!
We hired Bonnie after our second babe (3.5 mo adjusted at the time) started getting into some really bad sleep habits (feeding to sleep/needing to be rocked/very inconsistent/unpredictable bedtimes) and I knew we needed some help. We are based in NYC and at first I was a bit skeptical about Bonnie being in Denver and definitely nervous when she mentioned by the end our little one would go into her crib awake and put herself to sleep. Three weeks later I am absolutely amazed by the progress our family and our little one has made! Bonnie is incredible and walked us through every step of the way. She goes way above and beyond what her packages entail and honestly felt like a close friend or therapist for me throughout this whole process. She understands what you as a mama or dada are going through and also interprets your little ones need for changes to her plan so intuitively. I gave up on sleep with my first babe and honestly was very skeptical that she could crack my second- I just thought I had babies that didn’t sleep. And our family and my own well being was suffering. My little one who is exclusively breastfed now puts herself to sleep for all naps and nighttime, with little to no crying. She is also still fed on demand but sleeps 11.5-12hours straight at nighttime, something my 2.5 yr old still has never done. As a mama who struggles with anxiety Bonnie validated all my feelings and helped us develop a plan that worked for our family and needs. I can not recommend her enough and after working with her with our second babe we are circling back to our first ( now 2.5 yr old) to see if she can help us get him sleeping better! If you are a family struggling with developing good sleep habits, needing a routine, dealing with two kids close in age, feeling burned out and overwhelmed by sleep please reach out to Bonnie! She absolutely has a gift for what she does!
gentle sleep solutions to get baby to sleep through the night
Meaghen, a Mom who is enjoying life as a well rested family of 4!

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Bonnie has quite literally saved my life. Between being a new mom, nanny, and student, my first year as a parent was chaotic. Bonnie and I started working together just before my daughters first birthday, and the sleep plan she designed changed my daughter's habits almost instantly with gentle, natural skills. I’m so grateful! Now, we both are feeling well rested and ready to take on toddlerhood. Thank you, Bonnie!
gentle sleep solutions for toddler sleep training success
Rebecca, A Single Mom, Full Time Student, & Full Time Nanny In Need of Sleep
Bonnie was incredible to work with. Our daughter starting sleeping terribly around 3.5 months old and just continued regress. She finally got to the point where she was waking up every hour to nurse, and we were losing our minds. We started working with Bonnie when our daughter was 10.5 months old and are AMAZED with the results. Our daughter now sleeps through the night, and naps like a pro! Bonnie created a custom plan for our daughter and then continued to tweak it as needed until we found what worked for us. Highly recommend Bonnie!
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Heather, a well rested mom with a well rested daughter
Before working with Bonnie, Damien would 'scream the house down' for hours before being able to fall asleep and then did not stay asleep all night. Now, Damien is a lot calmer all day. In the evening he knows his bedtime routine and he is excited for it each night! He is going to bed without a fight and sleeping through the night. It feels amazing to have nights to myself and have Mom-time before I go to bed
a mom no longer dealing with epic bedtime battles
April, a mom dealing with epic bedtime battles with a 3-year-old
Okay, let me start out first by saying that this sleep plan has totally changed our lives. I had my doubts in the beginning because knew my son is a fighter and at this point in our fight for sleep it didn’t seem like anything would work, and I had lost all hope until I saw an old friend from high school post a recommendation for Sleep, Love and Happieness Sleep Consulting. Her recommendation was glowing, and I didn’t really know about any program like this and had no idea it was a thing. So after a few weeks of discussion with family and putting a lot of thought in to it we decided to give it a go. Needless to say we are not even fully finished with this process and my son is already sleeping through the night and I for once have to go wake him up instead of him getting up an hour before our alarm goes off. Bonnie has also educated me on sleep with things I never knew and has given me such a better understanding on toddler sleep, which as a new mom it’s so nice to have someone give me advice and answer questions about my son and not read google answers about every child. My son has not only been getting the sleep he needs, but the change in his behavior is amazing, he’s happier all around. If you find yourself at your wits end like we were, take the next (and last) step and talk to Bonnie, she is seriously a life saver!
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Amber, a mom who thought there was no hope
Bonnie helped us transition our 6-month-old from having to be nursed to sleep and waking up every hour to two hours to being put in his crib awake, learning how to fall asleep on his own, and sleeping better through the night. She was supportive and knowledgeable. Getting him on a good nap schedule and having evenings and nights to relax was really a game changer. Thank you!
Brandy, a mom who was ready to sleep in her own bed all night long again
Bonnie was a great consultant to me and my wife for our 2-year-old son. She helped us map out a plan and give us support through the often tumultuous times of getting our son to sleep through the night. This is definitely a process that can be disheartening and difficult at times - and having a good coach like Bonnie was essential to us keeping our sanity!! Highly recommend!
Ernie, A Dad ready to reclaim his sanity
We met with Bonnie and described what our struggles were with our 9 month old baby’s sleep habits. She then put together an individualized sleep plan for us. It layed out step-by-step schedule, and Bonnie explained the logic and research behing each approach. She checked in with us ocassionally, and we really appreciated that. It gave us a sense of acountability, which all the literature I’ve read could never do. And we stuck to her guidance. The results were incredible and I cannot recommend her enough! The schedule made for so much less frustration and a much easier baby.
Matea, mom of a now much easier baby
Bonnie was terrific and full of gentle tips and support to help my 6 1/2 month old learn how to sleep through the night. We went from multiple night feedings and protests to two solid naps and sleeping fairly consistently through the night with ease. There is NO need to be a stressed out, sleep deprived mama! Highly recommend.
Kristie, a mom who isn't stressed about sleep anymore!
We are so grateful for Bonnie's professional guidance. We were struggling to find a sleep routine with our 8-month old and our 2-year old then decided to hire Bonnie to get us back on track. We used to DREAD bedtime but Bonnie helped us create a really wonderful sleep routine and now bedtime is a breeze! We're all happier and healthier thanks to the rest we're getting now!
Tara, a previously exhausted mom of 2
Bonnie changed our lives for the better! With her help, my toddler is now sleeping through the night. He is happier and getting more restful sleep, and we couldn't have done it without Bonnie's amazing help!
Jenna, a Happy Mom with a Now Happier Toddler

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